Tuesday, October 26, 2021

KEYNOTE (AI): LivePerson -- How AI Can Make the Future More Human
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Joe Bradley
Joe Bradley
LivePerson, Chief Scientist

While AI has plenty of potential, some of the earliest AI-based consumer experiences gave the technology a less-than-stellar reputation, and rightfully so. Too often, we see AI that provides de-personalized experiences, harms people due to bias, and lacks the human touch that powers good business, let alone good for humankind.

But, when done right, AI has the potential to not only transform the customer experience and enterprise, but to create positive change and make life easier for millions of people.

In this session, Joe Bradley will offer a compelling case for how AI can make the future more human.

MORE HUMAN BUSINESS. As he explores why and how companies must capitalize on today’s unprecedented opportunity to be connected to customers in new ways, Joe  will delve into why companies that focus on empathetic conversational AI experiences will own the future of commerce, leveraging case studies from household name brands. For example, when brides-to-be faced a myriad of pandemic-era wedding challenges - including dresses trapped in closed storefronts, cancelled appointments, and postponed event dates - David’s Bridal leveraged AI-driven messaging to transition customers from in-store associates to fully-online conversations that drove the bridal experience. AI-driven messaging, seamlessly orchestrated by their virtual assistant Zoey, accomplished everything from answering questions and making recommendations to facilitating the buying experience online, and the brand’s e-commerce revenue skyrocketed.

A MORE HUMAN WORLD. Joe will also explore why fighting bias in AI is more critical than ever, arguing that it isn’t enough for AI to help us be smarter, faster and more productive – it also needs to be a force for good in the world. Given AI’s growing role in high-stakes decision-making, companies need to expand their use of tools and technologies capable of fighting AI bias, going further than just standards and talk. Every company will soon have its own conversational AI to create more human connections with their customers, rather than rely on the Alexas, Siris, and Cortanas of the world that exist to keep them within the walls of Big Tech.