Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): How a Combined Shift-Left and Shield-Right Approach Enables Continuous API Security
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Isabelle Mauny
Isabelle Mauny
42Crunch, Field CTO & Co-Founder

Are you struggling to keep up with the increasing volume and scale of API development ? Are you finding that traditional security solutions simply cannot address all API security challenges ? You’re not alone! APIs have given us unprecedented integration capabilities, but are also greatly increasing our attack surface. Trying to cope with issues by deploying tools after APIs are done and delivered is simply not going to work. Instead we need to take a proactive approach to API security.

Isabelle explores how a continuous approach to API security can be achieved, combining design-time security measures driven by development with continuous API threat analysis, API-specific vulnerability detection and runtime policy enforcement. She proposes an approach known as security as code to establish a common language across Dev, Sec and Ops teams and demonstrates an automated workflow, from design through deployment that ensures API issues are caught and addressed as early as possible in the API lifecycle.