Thursday, October 28, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): Improving Cost, Efficiency & Security with APIs for Enterprise Data Storage
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Henry Nevue
Henry Nevue
People Data Labs, Co-Founder and CTO

In today’s data-driven era, enterprise businesses use more data than ever before, and yet most companies are stuck behind the eight ball using monolithic on-premise databases. Enterprise companies often still store customer data on-premises, requiring them to build out data teams to handle the complex extract, transform, and load processes behind people data, putting their most sensitive data at risk of breach and limiting their ability to tap into third-party data sources. Forward-looking enterprise-scale companies are moving toward pushing their data to other tools and services through the use of APIs, enjoying the advantages of offloading the complexities of loading, de-duplicated, and enriching data; without the risk of security failures or the headache of data storage. In this session, we will outline the shifting world of MarTech, highlight the way in which APIs increase consumer privacy, and discuss specific case studies that highlight the value of moving to off-prem in terms of cost, efficiency, and security.Takeaways:•How APIs help offload and simplify sensitive customer data storage•How APIs increase consumer privacy through anonymization  •Discover tools and best practices for moving beyond on-premises databases  •Discuss how modern data companies are helping build a “source of truth” for customer data