Thursday, October 28, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): Building a Modern Integration Architecture in Practice
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Daniel Dias
Daniel Dias
Digibee, Solutions Architecture and Pre Sales Director

A modern technology strategy begins with the creation of a base architecture that enables any project and ensures FLEXIBILITY for the organization. A modern integration architecture is precisely this ENABLING INFRASTRUCTURE.

Using the appropriate stack for this challenge is essential for technology teams to be able to meet the growing demands from the business. Professionals who work with systems integration will no longer have obstacles that hinder projects, finding in this new model a true lever for the creation of new products and services.

In this session, we will explain in practice how to implement a modern integration architecture that enables the unlocking of projects, the connection between ecosystems and the acceleration of teams. We will show how the use of sophisticated technology can be abstracted away by a low code platform, bringing quality and control to data flows, as well as standardizing access to multiple endpoints spread across hybrid environments. It's an opportunity to learn how to create this enabling base layer for the agile delivery of new products and services.