Tuesday, October 26, 2021

PRO WORKSHOP (AI): Evolution of Conversational AI: From Rules to Transformers Such as BERT and GPT-3
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Chandra Khatri
Chandra Khatri
Got It AI, Chief Scientist and Head of AI

Conversational AI has been transforming various industries such as Automation, Contact Center, Assistants, and eCommerce. It has undergone several phases of research and development. Prior to the 1990s, most systems were purely based on rules. Then came machine learning based systems, however, it was still hard to manage multiple domains and scenarios. To address these issues, "Skills-based" and "Domain-Intent-Slot" based systems were proposed. Post 2013, Transfer learning and Deep Learning based systems further enhanced the performance substantially by scaling the system to millions of users across a variety of applications. Despite significant progress in the past decade, most systems rely on large amounts of data annotation for Language Understanding, configurations for Dialog Management, and templates for Language Generation. Within the last two years, Transformers based models such as BERT and GPT-3 have been used to depict the power of unsupervised learning and generative systems across all aspects of Conversational AI: Speech Recognition, Language Understanding, Dialog Management, and Language generation. In this talk, I will showcase how Conversational AI has evolved from rules to unsupervised and generative systems and what we can expect in the short and long-term future.