Thursday, October 28, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): 10 Keys for Turning APIs into a Job Promotion: Translating API Knowledge into Business Value
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Brenton House
Brenton House
Software AG, VP, Digital Evangelism

APIs are everywhere. Some of us build them, a lot of us manage them, and all of consume them. But not everyone knows how to communicate the value of APIs between the technical and business worlds. How do I integrate my APIs? Do I need API Management? How do I use Microservices? It is critical for organizations to understand the API economy as they move to become more profitable and competitive in this age of digital transformation. But very few technical people can effectively translate their API knowledge and vision into business value.The goal of this talk is to provide you with the 10 essential concepts that will equip you to become the API Champion that your organization needs to gain that competitive edge using a solid strategy and proven best practices.