Wednesday, October 27, 2021

PRO TALK (AI): How Conversational AI Transforms Customer Experience
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Alex Farr
Alex Farr, Founder and CEO

As AI continues to transform our world, people are becoming more accustomed to conversing with voice assistants and chatbots to accomplish an increasing number of tasks - naturally, that includes search. Think about how fast people speak versus how they type. 41% of adults, and 55% of teens, use voice search daily.

Because intelligent assistants are able to decipher natural language, people are using voice search far more conversationally than typed search. Today’s natural language processing technologies are enabling rapid and continuous improvement to the speed and accuracy that intelligent assistants process user queries and deliver results, making voice search a better user experience..

This advancement will reshape customer service and support as well as information search over the next five years.

In this talk, Alex Farr will explain how easy it is for any business user to build and deploy an intelligent chatbot including highlighting several use cases where it has improved customer experience and accessibility, including:
Non-profit organizations