Thursday, October 29, 2020

OPEN TALK (API): Building an API Factory: Turn Your APIs Into Products
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Nuwan Dias
Nuwan Dias
WSO2, Senior Director of API Architecture

APIs are the crude oil in the digital world. Different forms and types of APIs power the digital mesh to which we’re all connected to. The potential and reach of APIs however are heavily under utilized today in many organizations. The root cause of this seems to be the lack of a “product mindset” on APIs. Organizations which strategically invest on building a product mindset for APIs have been successful in putting themselves significantly ahead of the curve in innovation. In this session I hope to talk about 6 key points which will be valuable for API product managers and architects to bring in a product mindset to APIs within their organizations. This will help them to build a more streamlined, agile and repeatable process that converts their APIs into digital products.