Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OPEN TALK (API): The Visual Side of Scaling Business
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Nick Unsworth
Nick Unsworth
Getty Images, VP, Strategic Business Development

It is no secret that as the global economy continues to evolve, businesses, both large and small, are looking to expand their ecommerce footprint. As a leading provider of visual content, Getty Images understands that quality photographs, videos, illustrations, and vectors can drive real engagement and commercial success. With the most powerful API in the industry, Getty Images is now capitalizing on an opportunity to extend the reach of its content into tools that make simple to create and publish engaging content, like leading design platform, Canva, and content providers like Pexels and Pixabay. In this discussion, Getty Images VP of Business Development Nick Unsworth will talk through ways platforms can scale content with APIs and build fruitful partnerships through affiliate marketing.

Key Takeaways:
-Consumer behavior is rapidly evolving, create flexible pricing models that allow for both parties to adapt to a changing environment.
-Ensure the API and toolsets mirror search and site metadata in an effort to provide deep value and help partners save time and resources.
-Use the API to create “stickiness” through deep workflow integration that establishes a strong relationship with the end-user or customer.