Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OPEN TALK (AI): Explore Blockchain Solutions Addressing AI and Edge Computing
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Jean-Charles Cabelguen
Jean-Charles Cabelguen
IEXEC, Chief of Innovation and Adoption

Edge computing and AI might suffer from trust and interoperability issues. Edge computing often creates environments more difficult to control. So trust depends on the rightfulness of data used to feed or leverage an AI model. Trust is also the result of being able to validate that an AI model has not been tampered while used in the edge, the same for the result received after computation. Hybride and heterogeneous infrastructures are common in Edge environments. It is key to have platforms managing interoperability in order to allow already existing infrastructures to interact together while managing security and privacy compliances. Blockchain technologies will be presented, through the iExec’ stack, as solutions to address the issues of trust and interoperability AI and Edge computing. Use cases integrating Nvidia GPU for smart sensors will be showcased in order to illustrate concrete implementations.