Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OPEN TALK (API): How to Monetize Your APIs in Today’s Digital Economy
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Iddo Gino
Iddo Gino
Idit Oryon
Idit Oryon
RapidAPI, Head of Global Partnership

Companies are increasingly investing in APIs as an essential element for making enterprise systems and services more responsive and adaptable. However as the API economy begins to grow, what has become apparent is that APIs are key for building new business models, digital strategies, and partnerships. As companies begin to invest more heavily in APIs and look to take advantage of this new economy, the questions remain: How do companies actually drive revenue using APIs? What are the business drivers behind exposing APIs? What are the best practices for pricing? Are there industry standards for developing an API Monetization Strategy or is it still the Wild, Wild West?

Join Iddo Gino, Founder and CEO at RapidAPI, and Idit Oryon, Head of Global Partnerships, as they examine the monetization of APIs and drive clarity around some of the most common questions:

-What is the best API Strategy to put in place when considering monetization?
-What are the most common API business use cases?
-What are the best pricing models for APIs?
-How can my organization get started?