Thursday, October 29, 2020

OPEN TALK (API): Going Open, Going AsyncAPI
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Ben Gamble
Ben Gamble
Ably, Head of DevRel

There are no silver bullets in event-driven API design; however, there are good standards. This talk provides some insight into the real-world advantages and problems we’ve seen first-hand, which came about from fully supporting AsyncAPI on our open, event-driven, realtime data platform. And some lessons if you’re trying to do this with data you are publishing or plan to publish soon.

Beginning with a discussion on API standards, I’ll walk you through our deliberations, why we chose AsyncAPI, how it helped us, and the requirements to implement it. I’ll tell you how we improved our tools to make use of AsyncAPI specs; how we managed the gaps in the specification; as well as what benefits it brought.

AsyncAPI has been added to every product we host on our open platform. Why? Because we believe AsyncAPI is a good standard for open event-based data/APIs, and we want to support a proper way to carry out code generation and data validation — with specifications that make sense.

By the end of this talk you’ll have insight into the challenge of conforming to this standard. We’ve pushed some of the boundaries of its initial design, and are working to make it better. Building open systems is a journey more than a destination but its reward is having a system that allows users access to data in better, safer ways.