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FutureNow Stage Innovation Pavilion

Rotimi Olawale Opeyemi
JRFarms Africa, CEO/Founder
Rotimi Olawale
YouthHubAfrica, Founder
Wemimo Adewuni
Media Founder, Trainer and Consultant
'Tola Onayemi
Norebase, Chief Executive Officer
Oremeyi Akah
Interswitch, Chief Customer Success Officer

Africa is being viewed as the last frontier for man in almost all ramifications. Ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution, Africa has trailed the world in terms of innovation and development and this has continued into the 21st century. However, Tech is giving Africa some form of springboard to plug into the world economy beyond being the raw material compound of the world. The advent of tech offers Africa an opportunity to key into the world economy. It is therefore important that we create policies that enhance the growth of African markets in the global emerging markets.
“One Market” is a panel-styled conversation that seeks to bring together young professionals, Pan-African entrepreneurs, emerging marketers, social activists and stakeholders to discuss the rapid development of the African market, the current technological trends and its key role in intra-African Trade.
The biggest challenges faced by African markets include currency exchange, import-export regulations, access and utilisation of digital and technology amongst others. Importantly, Africa has a large expanse of brilliant young people who can tap into the worldwide gig economy but are stopped from doing so due to challenges caused by our regulatory framework. This conversation will highlight the history of policies, the present policies and how the present realities can influence policies in such a way that it brings economic prosperity to Africa. A deep dive into the realities of African markets and opportunities for growth by industry experts will bring to foresight areas for improvement and encourage off-stage conversations.

***************This session is hosted by YouthHub Africa********************

Attendees (11)

Odafe Uboh
Odafe Uboh
ODAFE.OA, Content Creator
Esther Usoro
Esther Usoro
The Skytall, Brand Manager
Mercy MrcyU
Mercy MrcyU
Musicvation, Musical Artist
Chidinma Ndukwe
Chidinma Ndukwe
Social Media Manager
Abigail Mojume
Abigail Mojume
Thesocialmediacurator, Social media Manager
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