Randall's expertise is in producing corporate conferences, summits, and social events.

What do you typically help events with?  

I am really great at working with external vendors and internal teams. I get teams and vendors on the same page and iron out conflicts between their priorities, needs and limitations.

My clear and organized style of communication and planning leads to a much smoother planning process for all involved and allows me as a planner to see issues before they arise and solve them before they negatively affect an event. I can see an event from the 50,000 foot level and recognize the connections between the various elements of an event and make sure they fit together just right like a puzzle while I simultaneously get in the trenches and make sure the details for those elements are flawless.

I've had a hand in planning virtually every aspect of an event: logistics, vendor and site selection, décor and entertainment design, menu creation, registration website design and maintenance, sponsorship package design, creating marketing plans, off site activities, transportation management, trade show presence management, theme development, A/V design, on site set up and execution, volunteer and staff management, registration desk, facilitating live and virtual breakouts, and so much more.

I specialize in end to end planning for corporate style conferences and summits but am highly experienced in social events. I can assist with an entire event or take on whatever aspect your team doesn't have the bandwidth to handle.

What's a recent event you've worked on?

I was the lead planner for the Renewal By Andersen Retailer Summit in January 2019. I was in charge of the entire event production:

1. Registration site creation and maintenance

2. Attendee communications

3. Facilitating A/V production

4. Offsite events

5. Ordering signage

6. Food and beverage

7. Room block maintenance and more.

RBA Miami 2019

Due to the internal teams schedules it was planned on a highly truncated schedule of about 4 months. There were nearly 30 stakeholders, 4 days worth of events, 14+ vendors, 600 attendees, and a plethora of movements within the 3 day event but it turned out flawless.

My personal highlight was the logistics. One small delay with a vendor or traffic would have fundamentally thrown off the entire on site set up schedule and figuring out how to fit all the movements in the agenda with the limitations of the venue and the vendors took a lot of man hours. It was a very complicated puzzle to put together. I worked with my vendors and venue to make sure that our production schedule was tight and everyone was on the same page. Both load in and load out were absolutely flawless!

RBA Miami 2019

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

Speakers are busy and are really hard to nail down, but a 5 minute rehearsal on-site to familiarize them with the podium, presentation mover, room etc. will make even a breakout room presentation 10x better.

A rehearsal/dry run through for a virtual event should be a requirement within the contract for a virtual event. Production value and familiarity with the virtual tech platform for is even more important in a virtual/webinar experience. Schedule these a few weeks out and run through the entire presentation for timing.

RBA Miami 2019


"Randall is an expert project manager - covers the details, knows the players well, creates fabulous experiences for everyone involved. I have had the pleasure of working with her during the last few years and she has added immense value to every program she has been involved in. She's a great team player, supportive, loyal and willing to chip in. She's also very flexible and eager to take on new challenges."
-Jennifer Castenson

Anything else we should know?

I'm really passionate about the industry. Proof? I miss 16 hour days on site!

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