Chrissy is founder of Dynamo Events, a full-service agency dedicated to producing events that build brands and drive business.

What do you typically help events with?

We’re event producers - I like to say technically we are project managers, but we’re way more creative and fun than you’d typically think of a PM. Sometimes we help clients just source and build out their virtual event platform. But for most events we work on, we do full event production including project timeline creation and management, budget creation and management, graphic design management, experiential strategy and execution, and day-of management.

We also have some optional add-ons for registration management, speaker management, and sponsor management, depending on the event and whether the client would like to keep those responsibilities in-house v. outsourcing.

What's a recent event you've worked on?

RevNEXT Marketplace & Summit - Mackenzie Strickland from my team was the lead on this one (you can also find her on the Talent Board)! We helped ON24 build out a marketplace of Martech solutions using ON24’s Engagement Hub solution. Attendees can check out demos from each of these providers on-demand with tons of opportunities for interactivity including resource downloads, the ability to submit questions, and providing a call to action. Each demo experience is fully branded to the sponsor.

Our responsibilities were event tech buildout and sponsor/partner management, so it was up to us to make sure that the sponsors had everything they needed to design the creative, keep all the incoming assets organized, follow up for any missing assets, managing approvals, etc. in addition to actually uploading everything into the platform and QA’ing to make sure everything worked perfectly for the launch.

ON24 soft launched the Marketplace a few weeks before their RevNEXT Summit which was a half-day simulive virtual event which we also built out using ON24’s Elite solution featuring a unique content approach with panel discussions from the same sponsors from the Marketplace sharing their expertise about different topic areas across the Marketing funnel.

We also helped bring in the keynote talent for the Summit by partnering with Vayner Speakers. As with all of our projects we worked very, very closely with the internal team to make sure the event was a success.

We also sponsored the event, and you can check out our booth in the marketplace! RevNEXT Marketplace (available on-demand) and RevNEXT Summit (live on 12/3, now available on-demand)

What are 3 favorite events you've worked on?

MINDSHIFT - Project Management, Creative Management, and Event Tech Buildout.

RevNEXT Summit & RevNEXT Marketplace - Partner Management, Event Tech Buildout

FastFWD Summit featuring an epic keynote by CorporateBro and a post-event tarot reading - Project Management, Talent Management, and Direct Mail Management.

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

My biggest tip is start with the end in mind. I see so many clients jump into programs (live and virtual) because they feel like they’re supposed to be doing it, it got assigned to them, or a sales rep asked for it, without looking at what the real goal is and making sure that the type of event they’re planning is actually the best fit to deliver those goals.

Check out my blog post for more info on "How to Set the Right Goal for Your Virtual Event (and… How to Choose the Right Virtual Event for Your Goal)”


As part of Dynamo's CSR initiative Future Dynamos, the company gives back 1% of profits to organizations that promote youth education in technology. So far they've supported Girls Who Code and Mouse with the goal of helping make careers in technology accessible to all.

Anything else we should know?

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